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Tangie Solid Laundry Paste

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Tangie Solid Laundry Paste is like the current liquid laundry soap you use, just without the chemicals and plastic bottle waste! This is a paste concentrate-to-liquid formulation you cut and dissolve at home using your own water & your own container. Refill your same container forever! No more tossing out and replacing plastic laundry jugs.

Each waste free laundry detergent bar dilutes to make enough laundry soap to wash up to 256 loads. Safe for all machines including high-efficiency.

EWG rated 'A'. Unscented. Made with coconut & olive oils, soap nuts liquid, yucca root powder, baking soda, salt, rosemary oleoresin & love! 

Benefits of Waste Free Laundry Detergent:

  • Low suds formulation.
  • Formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Tough on dirt and odor yet safe for baby clothes.
  • Great in both High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines.
  • Laundry Paste naturally softens clothes and reduces fading.
  • No need for a separate fabric softener saves you money.
  • Economical and space-saving. Dissolve the amount that works for you and your space.

How to Dissolve:

  1. One full bar of paste = one gallon (128 oz) water
  2. Half bar = 64 ounces water
  3. Quarter bar of paste = 32 ounces water
  4. Eighth bar of paste = 16 ounces water
  5. Sixteenth bar of paste = 8 ounces water

Made in the USA by a woman-owned company