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Luffa Gardens

Loofah Sponge

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These loofahs are farm-grown and prepared by hand by Luffa Gardens in Reedley, California. These are NOT the hard chemically-treated foreign grown sponges you find in most stores and online. When wet, these sponges become soft and supreme when it comes to exfoliation of the skin. Along with being very durable, they are 100% biodegradable, 

Although they are incredible in the bath or shower, there are many uses for these durable sponges. They are great for washing dishes, windows, laminate floors, baseboards, sinks, granite and tile counter tops. I'm sure you can imagine a great many more uses for these amazing sponges!

Each sponge is approximately 5 inches long, however, you can cut them with scissors or with a smooth edge butcher's knife to any size. Rinse in warm water before use and the luxuriousness of the loofah will unfold in your hand.