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Composty Pop-Up Sponges (12-pk)

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TOUGH & NON-SCRATCH MULTI-USE SPONGES: These sponges are specially created from natural cellulose (wood fiber) and water- based natural dyes. They are designed to be non-scratch and have a tough and textured feel. This enables enhanced cleaning when compared to traditional kitchen sponges. 

PLASTIC-FREE & FULLY COMPOSTABLE:  These sponges and all packaging are fully home compostable! Clean in the dishwasher or washing machine and use for months! Cut into strips and pop in your home compost.

SUSTAINABLE & SPACE-SAVING:  The sponges arrive compressed to up to 90% of their original size - the size of a deck of cards. This saves space in your cupboards and reduces carbon emissions in delivery. When ready to use, simply add the sponge to water and watch it expand!

NO HIDDEN NASTIES: Too many ‘eco-friendly’ products contain hidden plastics and other chemicals. These sponges have been designed by a wife-husband team in the UK with a mission to remove your need to worry about greenwashing. You can clean your dishes and your home with a healthy conscience!

ONE TREE PLANTED FOR YOU: We live in a world where we need more trees. For every 12-pack purchased, Composty commits to plant one tree through their tree planting partners, in Madagascar, Mozambique or Honduras!