Tongue Cleaner Scraper - set of two

Tongue Cleaner Scraper - set of two

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Benefits of using a tongue scraper:
  • Clears toxins, bacteria, and dead cells from the tongue to prevent bad breath
  • Enhances the sense of taste
  • Promotes overall oral and digestive health


  • Set of two pure copper tongue cleaners that will not rust or collect mold.
  • Curved design and smooth surface for better tongue cleaning.
  • Adjustable for easy mouth fit.
  • Eco-friendly plastic-free packaging.

How to Use:

  •  Stick out your tongue (do not point your tongue, this will decrease the surface area and make scraping less effective)
  • Place the tongue scraper as far back as you can comfortably go.
  • Apply pressure but not to much to cause discomfort or abrasion.
  • Pull the scarper forward from the back to the front of your tongue, removing all the residue.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 at least 4 times or until you feel all residue is removed, rinsing the scarper after each pass.
  • Once finished completely rinse the tongue scraper with water or mouthwash. (If you need to completely disinfect the tongue scarper you can put it in boiling water.)

Why Choose Copper?

As much as 95% of copper can be recycled. Copper is also toxin free which means that any of this metal which does end up in landfill sites does not cause damage to the environment in the same way that plastic does. Plastic can take around 1,000 years to decompose and leaks toxins into the earth consistently over this time. Choosing an eco-friendly pure copper tongue cleaner means that you can get a clean tongue without damaging the environment around you. Copper also has an long lifespan, so you can continue using this nature friendly tongue cleaner for a lifetime.